Top 5 Best Compact Home Gyms of 2020 (Reviewed)

Getting a workout done at the gym has some serious physical and mental benefits. Not only working out keeps you healthier and more active, but regularly working out can also elevate your mood and generally make you feel better about yourself. 

That is a feeling every one of us wants – don't we? Working out can release serotonin which is a natural feel-good hormone. There is no denying the benefits of a routined workout for people of every age range. 

But, what if you live in an apartment with not much extra space to spare! Your time is limited so you would rather workout at home

Well, we are bringing you the top 5 best compact home gyms in 2020 you can buy for a seamless workout right at your home. This review will take you through the features these products have to offer and also the pros and cons.


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Bowflex Home Gym (PR3000)

Bowflex Home Gym (PR3000)

50 workouts

Great for total body workouts

Adjustable resistance


Total Gym XLS

Total Gym XLS

80 different exercise options

400 lbs. weight capacity

Padded glide-board

Easy foldaway design


Marcy MWM-988 Multi-Functional Home Gym

Marcy MWM-988 Multi-Functional Home Gym

Power-coated steel construction

50 different exercise options and Versatile


TDS Fitness Biometric Leg Extension Machine

TDS Fitness Biometric Leg Extension Machine

Adjustable backrest

Adjustable leg workout options

Padded and comfortable to use


Weider Ultimate Body Works

Weider Ultimate Body Works


Comfortable foam padding

Versatile workout options


Top 5 Best Compact Home Gyms (Review)

These compact gyms offer different features at various price points with their unique set of workout options. When you are buying the equipment you want, the best way to go on about it is to try and narrow down what kind of equipment you want and what type of workouts will you mostly be doing.

This review covers a various range of different workout types and should fit exactly what you need.

1. Bowflex Home Gym (PR3000) – Best Overall

Bowflex Home Gym (PR3000)

The Bowflex Home Gym, especially the PR300 models, takes the number 1 spot in our round-up of the best compact home gym. It offers 50 different movement options. 

If you want more of a complete body workout at home, this is the one to get. It is great for every level of workout as well. If you are a beginner and want to start small, worry not. You can work with resistance as low as 5 lbs. of weight only and goes all the way up to 210 lbs. 

Want to go even more hardcore?  You can upgrade the resistance to a whopping 310 lbs. That is genuinely quite impressive for home gym equipment.

Great for back and arm exercises and even bicep curls. The middle pulleys help you work on your core strength and chest. 

Build wise, this is one tough cookie. It is solidly built with robust and strong materials that are sure to last you a long time even with heavy use.

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  • 50 different workouts
  • Adjustable resistance
  • Great build quality


  • Not the best for mass building
  • A bit expensive

2. Total Gym XLS – Runner Up

Total Gym XLS

The Total Gym XLS is one of the best compact home gyms due to its foldable and compact design. This is one of the more popular home gyms out there for its many appearances in infomercials.

Chuck Norris, the legend himself advocated for this one and claims that this has helped keep him in shape.

A closer look at the gym and we can see why. It's a great all-rounder with the solid build quality. The screws and joints are sturdy and even the base is as solid as they come. No complaints from a build and durability stand-point.

You get a pick of many different adjustments as well. There is a padded glide-board and even a nylon handle to provide a superior grip. You can perform a total of 80 exercises with this machine. 

It is also great for non-strenuous workouts like Pilates and Yoga. You do not need to be worrying about assembling this thing either when it arrives at your doorstep. It is all assembled and ready to go out of the box. Overall a great machine perfect for upper and lower body exercises.


  • 80 different exercise options
  • 400 lbs. weight capacity
  • Padded glide-board
  • Easy foldaway design
  • No assembly required


  • Not the best if you are very tall
  • Not effective for muscle building

3. Marcy MWM-988 Multi-Functional Home Gym – Most Versatile

Marcy MWM-988 Multi-Functional Home Gym

This is one is the most versatile equipment we have come across so far. For someone who wants to do most of the workout routine right at the comfort of your home, the Marcy MWM-988 Multi-functional his gym is the one you should get. 

Let us start with the design and build quality first. The design is very thoughtful and makes it a practical option for workout targeting all your muscles in your body.

The build is solid, made from powder-coated steel and artificial leather, this equipment is as solidly built as it is versatile.

It includes an adjustable seat. So, no matter what your body size is, you can quite easily adjust it to your liking. It lets you have a total weight of 150 lbs. weight sack that is vinyl coated.

Not bad at all if you ask us! For targeted muscle workouts, the butterfly arms station helps you get a toned arm, biceps, shoulders, and triceps. You will also find leg curls for some serious lower body workout.

Altogether, the Marcy MWM-988 Multi-functional home gym offers a total of 50 exercises. That should cover most of your workout sessions quite nicely.

Some models also have an included punching bag – a nice extra feature that we appreciated quite a lot around here.


  • Power-coated steel construction
  • 50 different exercise options
  • Versatile features


  • Max weight could be a bit higher

4. TDS Fitness Biometric Leg Extension Machine – Best for lower body equipment

TDS Fitness Biometric Leg Extension Machine

Are you in the market for equipment to work on your lower body and legs? Check the TDS Fitness Leg Extension Machine out. It easily makes our list as one of the best compact home gyms in 2020 as the best equipment you can use for leg, hamstring and lower body workouts.

You might be asking yourself, why you would want a piece of equipment just for your lower body. Glad you asked. Numerous benefits come with lower body training. First up, it helps burn off more calories. It is great for balance and core strength and can greatly aid injury recovery as well. 

This TDS Fitness model is made to be comfortable while you work. It features a backrest and a 3-inch padding for comfort. The padded high holder is adjustable and even removable. This can be used to customize and tailor your workouts just for you.

Adjustability is the name of the game here. It features some adjustable calf/shin padded workout options. With an adjustable ankle catch and cushioned hand grips, this is one feature-packed and well build machine.


  • Adjustable backrest
  • Adjustable leg workout options
  • Padded and comfortable to use


  • Only limited to lower body workouts

5. Weider Ultimate Body Works – Best Budget Option

Weider Ultimate Body Works

If you are tight on a budget but still want to get a solid work out on the cheap, this Weider ultimate body works should fit in nicely. The price is reasonable and won't break the bank plus it has some nifty little features that make for a well-rounded workout. 

The build for the price is pretty good and also looks good. The design and aesthetic of this should fit in just fine with any home gym set up. Even though you do not get the solid stability that you can find with some older models, this one worked quite fine for us. 

It is great for a total body workout and bodyweight resistance workouts. It uses pulleys and bodyweight resistance to train your upper back and legs. Leg presses, bicep curls and even squats are some of the strong suits of this affordable machine from Weider. 

It is comfortable too. The laying area is cushioned with foam, which makes for a comfortable time when working out on these. It supports a maximum weight of 250 lbs. which should plenty for most people.

Although the build quality was great, some users have notices that the resistance on the bands start to loosen up a bit after heavy use. That was not the case without unit and is probably a one-off thing.

Overall, if you are in the market for getting fit on the cheap, you can’t go wrong with this one.


  • Quite affordable
  • Comfortable foam padding
  • Versatile workout options


  • Stability could be better
  • Some users complain about losing resistance

Final Words

These are some of the best compact home gym equipment you can buy right now in 2020. Each has its benefits and set of features. Just pick the one that suits your needs and you should all set.