Top 5 Best Running Shoe For Treadmill in 2020 (Reviewed)

Treadmills are regarded as one of those exercising pieces of equipment that are used all around the world. You essentially just run, so why is it that you need a specific pair of shoes when you do so.

While you can throw on any running shoe and go for a run, the same cannot be said for when you're on a treadmill. When you're running on a treadmill, the body naturally exerts much more stress on the heel of your foot.

The reason why specific running shoes are required to run on a treadmill, without any negative consequences, is because of how the heel of the shoe is constructed. Once you wear one of these treadmill running shoes, your heels will be encapsulated, which will be better for you and will help you in running more effectively.


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Nike Men's Running Shoes

Nike Men's Running Shoes

Sole constructed of gum rubber

Fractional bootie wraps

Foam heel


Mesh Sport Running Shoes By ALEADER

Mesh Sport Running Shoes By ALEADER

Sole made of MD rubber

Made of breathable mesh material

Cushioned insoles that are lined with breathable materials


Kinvara 11 Running Shoe By Saucony

Kinvara 11 Running Shoe By Saucony

Made of synthetic and mesh materials

Cushion provides a lightweight response


Brooks Ghost 10 Road Running Shoey

Brooks Ghost 10 Road Running Shoe

Sole constructed using foam

Mesh upper and synthetic overlay

Lining made from soft fabrics


Mizuno Men's Wave Sonic Running Shoes

Mizuno Wave Sonic Running Shoes

Sole is made of rubber

Cushioning that is lightweight through the use of wave construction

Outsole that is shaped in a zig-zag pattern


5 Best Running Shoe For Treadmill in 2020

1. Nike Men's Running Shoes

Nike Men's Running Shoes

These are the best running shoes that you could buy for the treadmill. Not only are these shoes incredibly durable and reliable but they are also comfortable. The heel is constructed using foam, combine that with the sole made of gum rubber and you've got yourself a winning combination.

The foam heel ensures that your heel is not absorbing more pressure than it needs to. It is also shaped is such a way that it sweeps towards the opposite direction from where your Achilles tendon is located.

This optimizes the comfort level during usage. Then the gum rubber sole comes into play, where it absorbs the pressure exerted on the rest of your foot. Not to mention that the form of entire shoe hugs the curves of your feet.

It's almost as if this shoe has become an extension of your foot. For added grip, these shoes feature fractional bootie wraps so that you can make sure that the shoes always have a snug fit. 


  • Very well cushioned for comfort optimization.
  • Have a streamlined and snug-fitting shape.
  • Extremely light in weight.
  • Made of breathable material.


  • Narrow fit so may not be the most comfortable for certain foot sizes.
  • Not available in women's sizes.

2. Mesh Sport Running Shoes By ALEADER

Mesh Sport Running Shoes By ALEADER

Not only do these shoes look incredible and are available in various fashion colors, but they are also ideal for when you are using the treadmill. This is possible because of the sole of the shoe being manufactured using an MD rubber.

This type of rubber is incredibly absorbent of the pressure that can be exerted on the feet while running on surfaces, such as the running belt of the treadmill. Even if the sole of a shoe is comfortable, comfort levels cannot be optimized if the shoe isn't breathable.

This shoe solves this problem by using mesh as a breathable material on the uppers of the shoe. That's not all, the consoles of this shoe are cushioned, and the lining of the consoles are made of breathable materials.

This completely optimizes the comfort levels for the user. To ensure your stability on the running belt, this shoe's outsoles are such that they provide high levels of traction. 


  • Made of breathable materials for optimal comfort.
  • Incredibly lightweight to the point where the shoes and feet seem to be the same entity.
  • Hydro grip in the outer soles provides a sturdier grip.


  • Mesh can experience more wear and tear than normal

3. Kinvara 11 Running Shoe By Saucony

Kinvara 11 Running Shoe By Saucony

This shoe is made using the combination of synthetic and mesh materials. It is the perfect running shoe for those who like to spend time on the treadmill for much longer than usual.

This is because of the lightweight responsiveness that the cushioning effect maintains within the shoe at all times. It is common knowledge that a loosely fitting running shoe isn't as effective as a running shoe that fits perfectly.

To make use of this concept, these shoes have been designed to be form-fitting yet comfortable. The offsets of these shoes are exactly four millimetres, which provide much more comfort and grip than standard running shoes.

On the off chance that these shoes weren't already comfortable enough, you also don't have to tie the laces. This also provides safety as the laces have a possibility of coming undone, which could prove to be a huge safety hazard. 


  • Incredibly lightweight because of the materials used to manufacture the shoes.
  • A box that is wide-toed.
  • Made of breathable materials that optimize comfort.


  • Costs more than standard running shoes.

4. Brooks Ghost 10 Road Running Shoes

Brooks Ghost 10 Road Running Shoey

This is an upgraded version of Brooks' Ghost 9 model that was a part of their running shoe line. When Brooks updates their shoe model, they truly bring their best. Looking at the name of this running shoe, you might be wondering about the fact that it claims for these shoes to be ideal for running on the road.

However, these shoes are ideal for running on all kinds of terrains, particularly on the running belt of a treadmill. These running shoes offer an incredible range of arch support, where the arch support ranges from medium to high, which makes these shoes comfortable for feet of all sizes and shapes.

With a combination of an upper constructed using mesh and a synthetic overlay, this shoe is truly one that ranks in the top tiers when we talk about breathability.

To optimize comfort levels, the shoe is lined with soft fabrics and the sole of the shoe is made of foam. This helps in absorbing a significant amount of pressure that has begun to exert itself on the heels of the foot. 


  • Foam sole is removable.
  • Made of breathable materials.
  • The shoe is lined using soft materials that prevent rashes and optimize comfort.
  • It features a cushion that is highly energizing.
  • Very lightweight, so it won't add a significant amount of weight, which could make it hard to run.


  • More costly than standard running shoes that are available in the market

5. Mizuno Wave Sonic Running Shoes

Mizuno Men's Wave Sonic Running Shoes

These running shoes are ideal for those looking for shoes that provide optimal comfort and have a simple design. The sole of the shoes is made of rubber, which is able to absorb much more pressure than other types of soles. It also helps in preventing wear and tear issues for a long period of time.

This makes them the perfect to invest in. The wave sonic's features a design that will hug your feet almost as if you are wearing socks. Purchase the right size and they'll truly fit you like a glove.

To help you run as efficiently as possible on a treadmill, the shoes have an arch that will automatically ease the process of lifting your feet in the most efficient way. The shaft of these running shoes has an approximate measurement of low-top from the arch, that is located towards the front of the shoe.

The best feature of these running shoes is the cushioning, which is incredibly lightweight and is highly beneficial for your foot. This lightweight cushioning is achieved through the use of wave construction which works specifically in the midfoot area.

This makes these shoes perfect for those who may have a flat foot and thus suffer from pain on a regular basis. For quicker transactions, higher tractions, and toe-off, this running shoe features zig-zag pattern ingrained within the outer sole and increased action in the midsole and toe springs.

To make your experience even better, the shoes feature a tightly-fitted body with sleek overlays. These running shoes truly deserve their spot within the top 5 best running shoes for treadmills.


  • Incredibly durable.
  • It has higher traction than standard running shoes, due to the zig-zag pattern that is ingrained within the outer sole.


  • Much narrower, which is why it is important to get your size right

Final Words

To get the right results and to reach your goal faster, it is always important to have the right tools. When it comes to treadmills, having a pair of running shoes is essential. 

Not only do they help you run as efficiently as possible, due to the arches, they also absorb a lot of the pressure that would have been absorbed by your heel.