Top 5 Best Treadmills for Senior Walking in 2020 (Reviewed)

A treadmill is a necessary device to maintain fitness. It aids an individual to walk or run is at a single place. Acquiring a healthy life should be optimal for each one of us, no matter which age bracket do each of us falls in. Getting treadmills at home makes it accessible for those who often find it difficult going to the gym for doing a workout, which caters mainly to the population of senior citizens, who can remain fit and active using treadmills at home.

Walking is seen to be beneficial for the seniors as it makes them less prone to physical impairments. To take care of their health and fitness, you must buy them a good treadmill. Before buying a treadmill for the older people, you need to look for the quality and degree of comfort which they offer.

Also, they must be safe enough for older people to walk on it. There are a few treadmills for senior walking listed below which may assist you in buying a treadmill for senior citizens, which will help them walk smoothly.


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Exerpeutic TF2000 Recovery Fitness Walking Treadmill

Exerpeutic TF2000 Recovery Fitness Walking Treadmill

Long handles

A maximum speed of 5 mph

Foam padded handrails

Ten deck cushions available


ProForm Performance 300i Treadmill

ProForm Performance 300i Treadmill

Highest speed is 10 mph

EKG heart rate monitor

Air cushioning


ProGear HCXL 4000 Ultimate High Capacity Extra Wide Walking and Jogging Electric Treadmill

ProGear HCXL 4000 Ultimate Treadmill

20 inches wide treadmill belt

A maximum speed of 4 mph

LCD screen

Gets folded up easily


GYMAX Walking Treadmill

GYMAX Walking Treadmill

Steel handles

LED screen available

Emergency stop button for safety

Foot pads for floor protection


Serene Life Smart Digital Folding Treadmill

Serene life Smart Digital Folding Treadmill

Can be folded easily

Can be connected with sports application

Stereo Speakers Available


Top 5 Best Treadmills for Senior Walking in 2020

1. Exerpeutic TF2000 Recovery Fitness Walking Treadmill

Exerpeutic TF2000 Recovery Fitness Walking Treadmill

Are you looking for a treadmill that has all the properties to be chosen and bought to be a part of your senior’s home? Exerpeutic TF2000 treadmill is a perfect choice to make if you are planning to do exercise daily.

This treadmill is large, measuring about 50 inches in length and 16 inches wide, to walk or run easily. To provide ease and stability to the senior citizens while walking and holding, the handrails are cushioned with foam.

The speed ranges from 0.2 to 5 mph, so you can adjust it as per your suitability and requirement. Also, deck cushions are available to provide flexibility and avoid impairments in joint.

An LCD is attached which shows the time that is taken, velocity, and the total distance cover by you. It also keeps a check on your pulse and the total calories burnt.


  • Side railings are long enough and help in balancing
  • Robust motor; does not create noise pollution
  • LCD screen shows all figures clearly
  • 10 deck cushions available
  • Handrails padded with foam


  • You can not fold the treadmill
  • The belt is only 16 inches wide

2. ProForm Performance 300i Treadmill

ProForm Performance 300i Treadmill

The Proform Performance 300i Treadmill is an exclusively designed treadmill that is manufactured keeping into consideration your comfort and safety. It is a user-friendly treadmill which facilitates the seniors in one of the most convenient ways.

This treadmill comes with an extremely powerful and high-quality motor, having about 2.0 Continuous Horsepower. In addition to this, it offers an incline of about 10%. It can reach the highest speed of 10mph, which means you can increase or decrease the speed as per your convenience.

The tread belt stretches up to a length of 50 inches, and a width of 16 inches. Also, when an individual uses it, they experience ProShox cushioning which further adds comfort to the users as well as fewer chances of impairment.

To check your pulse rate, an EKG heart rate monitor is also available. Also, one can attach speakers with the treadmill as well.


  • A digital and rapid incline, about 10%
  • A high-speed, about 10mph
  • Ideal for those interested in running and jogging
  • The belt is long and provides comfort for usage
  • Audio speakers are attachable
  • Already equipped with Bluetooth speakers


  • LCD screen not large enough
  • Can be a bit costly

3. ProGear HCXL 4000 Ultimate High Capacity Extra Wide Walking and Jogging Electric Treadmill

ProGear HCXL 4000 Ultimate High Capacity Extra Wide Walking and Jogging Electric Treadmill

This ProGear HCXL 4000 Treadmill has been created to fulfill the requirements of the senior costumers in the best ways and helps them maintain a healthy lifestyle. You may invest in this treadmill without even thinking twice.

This treadmill can bear the weight up to 400 lbs, so one should not worry even if they are bulky enough and can easily perform their exercises. The motor is of great quality and strength, about 1.5 horsepower, and does not create any noise pollution when the treadmill is being used by the individual.

Also, this treadmill has a large capacity and its belt has a width of about 20 inches, providing extra space for jogging and walking. This treadmill also monitors your pulse rate, to keep a check if your heart functions properly or not.

All such information related to speed and time as well as heart rate is displayed on the LCD screen. This treadmill folds up easily when you are no longer using it, which means it does not use a lot of your space.


  • A clear LCD screen, displaying a lot of things
  • A maximum of 4mph for walking smoothly
  • Long handlebars to improve balance and stability
  • Can be folded easily
  • Extra-wide treadmill belt


  • Belt deck is not cushioned properly
  • Incline can not be altered automatically
  • The length of the belt is 40 inches only

4. GYMAX Walking Treadmill

GYMAX Walking Treadmill

GYMAX walking treadmill consists of a list of features that makes it irresistible for the customers to buy it. You, as a senior citizen, may find this treadmill suitable for exercise as well as while keeping it at your home or a recovery home.

One of the best features of this treadmill is that it comes along with large arms or handles that provide enough support and ease to you when you perform exercises. Other than this, the handlebars are composed of steel which makes the treadmill usable for a longer period.

Also, the treadmill belt is of great width providing enough space for you to walk and greater stability. Also, to avoid any inconveniences and damages when one comes in contact with the treadmill, there is a button available which you may press during emergencies.

There is a LED screen that depicts the total number of calories burned and the speed and time, reflecting about your entire performance through the workout. Also, the bottom of the treadmill is supported with footpads, to prevent the floor from breaking or damaging.


  • Can be afforded easily
  • Large handles providing support
  • Durable and convenient to use
  • Does not weigh much
  • Stop button for emergencies


  • The treadmill belt is short
  • No center console available

5. Serene Life Smart Digital Folding Treadmill

Serene Life Smart Digital Folding Treadmill

Those seniors who are looking forward to having a healthy lifestyle, enhance their cardiovascular system, bring positive changes in their mood, and prevent aging processes can perform exercises using this treadmill.

Serene Life treadmill helps you exercise, and you can spend hours walking comfortably on it. You can also fold up this treadmill when you are finished doing workout so that only a little space of your room would be occupied.

This treadmill is operated electrically, by the provision of a plug. The motor has a 1.5 horsepower and is powerful enough. Also, you can connect the treadmill with a sports application too. The speakers can be too attached to the treadmill so that you can enjoy some good music while exercising.

Also, handles on the treadmills to facilitate you in a way that you can keep on altering the speed as per your requirement by the control present on them. The running belt is large enough to provide you adequate space for carrying out a workout.

This treadmill is connected with a sports application as well to make your exercising sessions more engaging. Other than this, there is an LCD screen available that provides one with all the statistics regarding their workout performances, such as their speed and the total time taken while using the treadmill.


  • Executive design with speed controlling handles
  • Connected with Sports Application
  • Can be folded up easily


  • Low speed
  • Smaller belt, can not be used by everyone

Final Words

Each one of us needs to focus on our health and maintain fitness no matter how old or young we are. The senior citizens of society usually find it difficult to go to the gym and usually feel lazy about it.

For all those seniors who are reading this, you can opt among any of these high-quality treadmills for senior walking to help you build a healthy lifestyle. Each of these treadmills is comfortable enough to use and last for a longer period.

Still among them, the one which tops the list is the Exerpeutic TF200 Treadmill, which has all the features that would make an individual buy them. This treadmills for senior walking would surely make your experience better, and you would love to exercise using it. So hurry up! And buy any of these treadmills as soon as possible.

Don't forget to check out apps that will help you in running.