How to Clean Lululemon Yoga Mats Properly

Exercise has been an art form for centuries, from yoga to modern-day exercises, the need to stay and keep healthy has been a focal point in humanity’s history. Yoga, being the most popular one these days, has taken the cake for being the most influential form of exercise as celebrities and powerful people always endorse it. 

It is also the most followed form of exercise with people of all ages. Whether you are old or young, yoga is something that can be done by anyone. 

What is Yoga?

Yoga is a form of physical, spiritual and emotional practice that helps the individual get in touch with their inner strength and helps them become healthier from the inside. Meditation, calmness and emotional healing occurs when yoga is performed accurately. Originated in India, it has become the topmost used forms of exercise all over the world.

The Yoga Mat

Yoga is usually performed in a quiet place where you can calm your breathing and focus on yourself. In a yoga class, you can need multiple things, but the most important one is the yoga mat. 

The yoga mat is essential to the yoga process. Made from PVC or vinyl these mats help in all sorts of ways. 

  1. It acts as a cushioning agent when you are practising different yoga poses.
  2. It is sweat absorbing so even if you sweat on it you will not slip. 
  3. Provides protection from injury.
  4. Gives stability.
  5. Provides a better grip when doing yoga.

Many brands that make yoga mats, and it all depends on what you prefer as a consumer, which you then buy. Here, in this article, you will learn about the lululemon yoga mat and how you can clean it after excessive use. 

Why is Lululemon Yoga Mat’s Popular?

In the world of yoga, lululemon mats are famously the most used. The reason for their popularity is because the people who practice yoga prefer this brand over any other. The following are just some reasons why they are the best in the business:

  1. They have an appropriate level of thickness that is perfect with the grip to the floor and your hands. Thus, preventing you from falling over or injuring yourself.
  2. It is also made from authentic rubber on one side and polyurethane on the other, which helps in absorbing the sweat and stopping you from slipping during yoga. 
  3. The mats are also treated with an antibacterial to prevent bacteria’s from being formed on the mat. 
  4. Due to its expert making, these mats last very long and can be used and re-used even after washing.

What is necessary to understand is that though they last a very long time, they do need to be cleaned from time to time.

How to Clean a Lululemon Yoga Mats?

The yoga mat is used the most out of any tool when doing yoga, and because you sweat on it regularly and because it is used on the floor there is a very high chance of it containing and retaining bacteria. As the sweat accumulates, it can also give off a horrible odour that you and your fellow yoga participants might not appreciate. 

So below are ways in which you can clean your yoga mat or specifically lululemon yoga mats.

Baking Soda and Lemon Juice

Ingredients needed are as follows:

  • Baking Soda (1 tsp)
  • Fresh lemon squeezed
  • Water (8 oz)

Once you have your ingredients, it is necessary that you follow the instructions’. Take a bowl, add the baking soda and then add the lemon juice. As soon as you add that you will see bubbles forming, that is when you add the water.

Then proceed to take a washcloth that is clean and dip it into the bowl. Then slowly and gradually clean the mat with it. Once you have cleaned the entire mat, wipe it once again with the wet washcloth. Then proceed to put it in a place where it can dry naturally without the sun shining on the mat. 

It is recommended that you clean your yoga mat every time you use it so you should do this often, depending on when you do yoga. 

Using Essential Oils

Ingredients needed as follows:

  • Tea Tree Oil or Lavender Oil
  • Spray Bottle
  • Distilled Water
  • Witch Hazel or White Vinegar

Use the small spray bottle and add the water up to your liking and then proceed to add the tea tree oil or lavender oil. You can either add the witch hazel, which is an excellent antibacterial, but if it is not available, then you can add white vinegar because that is almost the same. 

Once you have added all that close the spray bottle and spray it on your mat after use. Though it is necessary to point out that you can experiment with different essential oils and use the ones you like. 

Why Should You Clean Your Lululemon Yoga Mat?

Why you should clean your Lululemon yoga mat is quite simply because of health reasons. You wouldn’t want to be doing a yoga pose and feeling that the mat is dirty or smelling a foul smell. At the same time, it is necessary to know that over cleaning the mat can lead to damage. 

Here is why you should clean your yoga mat:

  • The cleaner the mat, the longer it will last.
  • If you clean it properly, you won’t have to deal with hard stains.
  • It will be better for people around you and you to smell a freshly cleaned mat, than a dirty one. 
  • The cleaner the mat, the better your health.

Keeping your lululemon yoga mat clean will not only be healthy and beneficial for you but also for all the yogis around you as it may inspire them to do the same with their yoga mats. It’s always best to inspire people with a healthy change. So why not start now and be the change you wish and inspire to see. 

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