How to Remove a Plug from an Exercise Ball the Right Way

If you want to live a healthy lifestyle, then controlling what you eat and drink aren’t the only things that you need to hold off on. You will need to add exercise. Going to the gym or doing it at home, exercise is the best way to lose any weight that you want to and get fit and build up the muscle mass. 

It is better to go exercise at the gym as you are surrounded by people with the same goal, to get fitter, and here, with a sense of solidarity you can work towards a healthier you. 

In the gym, you can find multiple equipment’s that will help you stay healthy from a treadmill to an exercising ball. Now, an exercising ball is an interesting piece of equipment and is not at all what you think it is.

What is an Exercising Ball?  

An exercising ball is a great big inflatable ball that can be used to do exercise or can be used in the office as a sitting chair. It is a big plastic ball that can be inflated or deflated according to you by letting the air pass through a small valve. When you open the valve, you can let some air pass through to deflate the ball according to your need and then move forward with the exercise. 

What Are The Benefits of Using an Exercise Ball?

You have probably wondered what those big inflated balls are doing ta your local gym, well although it seems like inflatable balls at a gym, at home or in an office would seem inappropriate or would be a cause for distraction, on the contrary, these exercise balls help in so many more ways than you would imagine. 


The one thing that these inflatable balls can be best used for is exercising. From helping to improve shoulder muscles to knee joints. It is best used for posture alignment and many other exercises that help in not only keeping the body healthy but also increase flexibility and relax the muscles in the back. 


For people who find it difficult to be mobile, this is a great first step for them to slowly and gradually become used to mobility. Once you are on the inflated ball you can slowly and gradually, at your own pace, increase the mobility, which will help you immensely with motor functions.

Balance and Stability

For people who suffer from joint pains or any other ailments of the bones. If they join a gym or use an exercise ball at home, this can help with their balancing and stability. 

Easy Movement

Apart from all the joint help, an exercise ball can help people switch up their sitting style. In an office or home sitting on a chair for long hours can cause a lot of stress and tension in the muscles. With this, there is easy access to things and easy mobility. Plus, it’s fun. 

How do You Remove the Plug from an Exercise Ball?

So, once you’ve had the fun of using the exercise ball and you want to deflate it or want to take out the plug from the ball, how do you do it? Below are some of the simple steps that may help you in understanding the process better. 

Get a Plug Remover

If you want to deflate your exercise ball a little you can use a plug remover that will help remove the plug from the ball and help deflate the air that is inside it. It is a specifically designed plastic plug remover with two prongs at the end that help remove the plug easily.

Place the Plug Remover in the Correct Position

Now, this is the part that is a little technical. What is absolutely necessary at this point is that the ball has to be inflated properly to the brim. You will need to do the following:

  1. Place the ball on the floor and locate the valve or the plug.
  2. Have good control over the exercise ball.
  3. Once you have located the valve, carefully place the plug remover on the valve in a way that the prongs on two extreme ends slide smoothly around the valve or plug.
  4. If the ball is inflated to the brim, you will have to apply some pressure but not too much, as it could burst.

Secure the Valve or Plug

Once you have secured the plug with the plug remover, and make sure it is properly secured, then proceed to pull it out gently. If it is properly secured you will have no trouble doing so. 

Once the plug remover is secured, wiggle it a bit and pull it upwards to remove the plug from the inflated exercise ball. 

Remove the Plug and Push the Air Out

Once the exercise ball plug has been removed, gently press on the ball to make sure that it is deflated properly. it may take some time so if you have an air pump you can use it two ways and use it to such the ait out. That is totally up to you. 

Clean Up

Once you have deflated the exercise ball, make sure that you pick it up and put it in the right place along with its plug as it may be used again. It is always necessary and important that you place the plug and the ball together so they are never misplaced. 

Once all of this is done then you can go about cleaning the gym or cleaning your office. The best things about using an inflatable exercising ball is that it can be reduced to a small plastic bag that can be folded and pace on a shelf. 

So, if you ever do have to use an exercise ball, you now know and understand how to deflate it and get the air out easily without going through the hassle of asking someone else to do it for you. 

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