Top 5 Best Home Treadmill for Walkers to Stay Healthy in 2020

Using treadmill can be much less of a hassle for many of us, it involves aerobic exercises which helps you to stay in form, healthy and even lose weight. Having a treadmill at home is the best solution for those who are not comfortable with the idea of going out, be it for a walk or to the gym.

You have the liberty to work out within the premises of your work, no matter what time is it, how the weather is outside, nothing can stop you. Use of a treadmill in these days have thoroughly increased as more and more people do not have flexible routines to take out time for outdoor activities.

Having such equipment at home tends to make things very easy for many of us. There is a huge range of treadmills available with features that might be so confusing and huge ranges of price, all the hectic work is makes the whole process even more difficult to begin with.

When one decided to invest a handsome amount in such an equipment, they tend to weigh all the options well. Which is exactly what we are trying to do. A somewhat difficult thing to understand is what treadmill to go for, how to study their features, make an accurate comparison, and select the best one according to what your requirements are.

Furthermore, in this article we will discuss the top five best available home treadmill for walkers, study their features and know what makes them different from the others. Below is the list of the best home treadmill for walkers which might be perfect for you.


Brand & Model



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Nordic TrackT6.5S

NordicTrack T6.5 S

Has a 2”X55” tread belt

2.6 horsepower motor

Digitally adjustable

1-year Ifit membership


Fitbill Walk Smart Treadmill

Fitbill Walk Smart Treadmill

Built in app and comes with a remote

Flat-bed structure


Less sound


Exerpeutic TF2000

Exerpeutic TF2000

Perfect for seniors

High quality motor

Railing provides stability

Less sound produced


GYMAX Walking Jogging Fitness Treadmill

GYMAX Walking Jogging Fitness Treadmill

Offers great walking speed

Comes with a footpad

Great warranty

Easily accessible


ProForm Smart Pro 2000

ProForm Smart Pro 2000

Perfect for walking. Running and even jogging

Low price

Lifetime warranty

Highly durable


Top 5 Best Home Treadmill For Walkers in 2020

1. Nordic TrackT6.5S

Nordic TrackT6.5S

This is one of the best products indeed a high-quality investment for anybody who is not willing to work out within the premises of their house. The product will not only give you the comfort of your own home but it will also save the expenses of your gym and the cost of a trainer.

Investing in such a product tends to benefit you over a longer period of time. While you purchase the product, you are also entitled to have a one-year membership to IFit. In the instruction manual you can easily find your instructions on how to claim the membership and enjoy the experience.

The treadmill has twenty built-in fully designed workouts for you to start right over. Another stood-out element of this product is that it gives you the honour to digitally increase the incline of your work out to ten, enabling you to focus on specify muscles.

What makes this machine et apart from others is the fact that it offers you more modification.

The product is a bit expensive but it has a high-quality motor and huge new array of explicit technologies is present. The diversified features make it a super friendly and tasteful choice for fitness freaks around.


  • IFit membership and compatibility.
  • Gives you high technology options.
  • The treadmill also features a five-inch display showing you your progress, the calories you have burnt, the speed being used, the distance covered, the time taken.
  • Gives you an option for one touch control, enabling you to adjust your speed and incline.
  • Select the kind of deck you need.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • Placement of the control pannel is low making it diffiult to adjust your view.
  • Might trip your electricity.
  • Speed lower than 3 mph feels like a drag.
  • Is more expensive than others.

2. Fitbill Walk Smart Treadmill

Fitbill Walk Smart Treadmill

Unlike the most traditional bulky other treadmills, you might be caught off-guard the first time you see this treadmill and go like ‘hey, where is the rest?’ but yes to your surprise this is the treadmill. This product is a flat machine which is likely to fit anywhere and everywhere.

The treadmill features the run from 0.5 to 3.7 mph. It has a fast motor, which makes it the ideal choice for walking smoothly, while getting you in shape without much of a hassle.

The motor of this product is the best in way that it makes minimum voice not at all disturbing your work. The treadmill has a long belt which can accommodate tall people. The speed is ideal for a walk, making this one of your best choice for you.

It has an in-built app which is controlled by a remote. With a quantitative warrantee the treadmill comes assembled, all you need is to get going.


  • Flat-bed structure, making it more portable and easily placed anywhere.
  • It has a smoothly run motor which handles the functioning well.
  • It has a built-in app which is controlled by a remote.
  • A great warrantee.
  • Assembling is not required.


  • It offers walking speed only.
  • May become a bit noisy when being used.

3. Exerpeutic TF2000

Exerpeutic TF2000

This is a highly rated, and a perfect treadmill for seniors. It offers full support which makes it safer and more secured while in use. This an ideal treadmill for those who look for support while the walk, it offers you just what you may need. 

The treadmill monitors not only your speed but other status as well including your heart rate. It has a LCD screen which shows the data required.

The handle bars not only helps you keep safe but it also builds up your stability which you may need for other exercises. One drawback of this treadmill is that it is not easily portable, it cannot be folded therefore it may take up a lot space for you at your home.


  • Railings, provide stability.
  • A powerful motor.
  • Makes less noise.
  • Has tread belt cushion.


  • It is not foldable
  • The belt is a bit narrow for use.

4. GYMAX Walking Jogging Fitness Treadmill

GYMAX Walking Jogging Fitness Treadmill

Delivering you the best ultimate benefits at considerably lower price this treadmill has got you covered for good. With long arms this may also be ideal for seniors. The long arms also help to prevent from accidents and the belt ensures a very smooth walk for its user.

The speed 0.4 to 4 mph is ideal for a perfect walk. A screen along with buttons help you keep a track of your performance and the buttons enable you to control the speed, increases it decreases it or stops it.

The treadmill is built on a solid frame which ensures its durability increasing the lifespan of your equipment, it does not offer a great amount of wear and tear so your investment stay intact for quite long while you keep on benefitting from it.

It is also designed to serve you double safety, along with the railing the stop buttons stop the whole treadmill in case of an emergency. The treadmills contain a footpad which is there to make sure that the treadmill in no way damages the floor of your home.


  • Has great value worth.
  • Immense power for different walking speeds.
  • Handrails ensure the balance and stability
  • The footpad saves your floor
  • Light weight machines


  • Walking statistics are not monitored and displayed, less amenities.
  • The running belt is quite small.

5. ProForm Smart Pro 2000

ProForm Smart Pro 2000

This is the ideal treadmill for an intense running session, the treadmill is considerably of low price as compared to others. Along with that the benefits and features offered are explicit. This treadmill also offers IFit exercises and key to the membership for a year.

This treadmill has a 3.5 CHP motor with a huge belt, along with that it may support people weighing as much as 300lbs. This is your perfect pick for the best treadmill you can have at your home, without having to worry about anything other than your exercises which IFIt got covered.

This treadmill comes with a lifetime warrantee therefore durability is not something you would want to be worried about since that too is under control. The diversified speed limit makes it a good choice for walking running and even jogging.

The treadmill has a very comfortable running deck with considerably a big belt and cushioning for your support. Another thing about the membership is that it comes with preinstalled exercises so even if one does not plan on renewing the membership after a year it won't be much of a crucial point for them.


  • Pocket friendly. Worth your money.
  • IFit membership for a year.
  • Perfect for running, walking and even jogging.
  • A touchscreen featuring a built-in coach for your training.
  • Amazing warrantee
  • Can bear high weight.
  • Has a large surface for running.


  • The cushioning is a bit less effective
  • A small touch screen.

Final Words

All the treadmills mentioned are among the top picks for the year and beyond. These treadmills make your life easier in a different way. Saves you from a lot of hassle.

Investing in a home treadmill for walkers is considered to be a long-term investment which is why it should be done with well research and a thorough study of all the specifications making sure that you don’t have to settle for anything lesser than the best.

The price range may vary as well as the features of the treadmills mentioned, however each of these offer different specifications focusing and targeting on specific area. The ideal treadmill for you will definitely be something that you can resonate with and something that fulfil your broad category of requirements.

All the home treadmill for walkers mentioned above are equally good and unique in their own way and offer you the best of their services while also maintaining and sticking to their real purpose which is to provide you a home-based workout session I the best comfort aura of your own home.

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